Friday, 27 September 2013

Introductions please!

Hi all,

The answer is probably zero.
You change the habits your self and unless you are of similar nationality than me, you don't need any Belgians to change your habits. You could do with one to help you facilitate the change though :)

Please allow me to introduce myself. I landed in Shannon from Brussels Airport in December 1994 and have never left. I love Limerick and it's people to bits and love living in Ireland.

I worked in Retail, IT and Communications companies until I decided to start my own business after getting a Diploma in Personal & Business Coaching with the Irish Lifecoach Institute (

I am in business about 6 years now and have specialised in Coaching, Training (qualified Trainer) and Mentoring. I've been told many times I seem to help people and organisations, groups or businesses find a solution where nobody else sees a way out through my unique blend of energy and motivational coaching and I will write about that in this Blog. I will also write about my life experiences as I live every day in gratitude that I have been giving another shot at life one day at a time.

What else do you need to know about me? Not much for the moment, just that I am obsessed with Running, love the Arts, am a passionate Soccer fan (Limerick FC & Belgium and Chelsea), adore good company especially when there is good food and a positive attitude to live to be had as well.

Thanks in advance for following me on this journey and for your feedback which is welcomed.

Have a wonderful day,


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