Friday, 22 November 2013

Your reaction is your choice!

Troika, debt deals, ECB, recession, inflation, mortgage arrears etc… etc…
All important; all in the news, all related to the world we live in. The question is do we allow any of these to control our individual futures? Do we roll over and use them as (valid) excuses to blame others for our own situation? Do we feel unjustly treated and march on our streets screaming for our entitlements?
Or could we react differently? Would we dare to think that somehow somewhere we can start a process of reshaping our own destiny? Can we influence our daily lives by thinking and acting in a different way? Can we alter the outcome for ourselves through positive action?
The answer to all this is inside you. I know that by moving my attention from the events that happen around me to my desired outcomes in life, my reaction has tilted from reactionary to proactive.
Proactive means deciding what needs to be in place for me to be happy and fulfilled in life, looking at what makes me tick, what is important for me right now and then using these foundations to build a path to my desired outcomes.
This way of thinking, whilst firmly rooted in the ‘real world’, leaves only room for forward thinking and action based planning for your future. You can nearly treat life as a catalogue you want to order from and then find a way to your collection point.
This can be done and is done in the ‘real world’ and incorporates all the challenges you might encounter on that road.
Passion +  Hard Work +  Attitude = Success! The choice is always yours, choose wisely. You can let others decide your life for you, or take control. Your choice, your decision, your future.

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