Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Cork City Marathon & Sixmilebridge 10K race reports.

Irish Summers are notorious. For their brevity. Or so we are led to believe. The popular opinion is that the Irish Summer takes place on a random Thursday somewhere between mid May and mid September. And when the Leaving Cert is on. Those 2 times!!

Not this year. It has been going on for what seems like forever and this particular 'Autumn/Winter' person is feeling betrayed. I love living in Ireland for many reasons and one is because there is always a sense of impending rainfall. Not so recently. In fact this pluviophile is now considering a short break somewhere for more suitable weather conditions :)

All that to say that both races I took part in were ran in hot weather and in the case of Cork City Marathon near 100% humidity. I prepared well for both knowing my lack of love for running in warm weather. It routinely puts 20-30 minutes on a Marathon for me and sometimes more.

I took on 2 races this weekend and not more because I had work I wanted to do on Saturday. This was a huge running weekend as there were Marathons on Saturday in Tullaroan and in Derry on Sunday. The feedback from both these races was 100% positive, in fact I am told Tullaroan excelled it's already high standards and I heard a lot of good things about the Walled City Marathon in Derry so both are now on the I want to do (again) list.

On Friday the short trip to Sixmilebridge was made for the 5th Annual BMOH 10K. I had never ran this event yet it is only 20 odd minutes from Limerick. Thanks to Ger Donohue and BMOH volunteers and marshals for a magnificent event. All went seamless. The registration was easy and well organised, 2 water stops on 2.5k and 5k well stocked and staffed. And a nice undulating course around beautiful Clare countryside. If you are around this neck of the woods early June next year look out for this event and enter. It is great craic.

I felt good and should have held back a bit more with Monday in mind yet ran a negative split and finished in 51.20. Loved it!

After 10K finish in Sixmilebridge, Clare! Excellent event, thanks BMOH and Ger Donohue!

On Sunday it was time to travel 'home'. You see Cork City is one of the favourite places I have ever been to in my live and my 'spiritual' home in Ireland. (Don't tell all the wonderful Limerick folk this, it's between us alright?). I love their I don't care whether you like us or not, we like us attitude. It turns them into more carefree, friendly, no nonsense people. And that suits me. I have felt the same excitement about Portland, Oregon and a place called Millau in the Aveyron in France. And there was Crater Lake in Oregon too but you can't live there!! :)

Went by train and arrived in Cork on Sunday in the middle of the Red Bull soapbox races down Patrick's Hill. That's one steep street to race down. The City was thronged so I had to walk the longer way round to collect the numbers in City Hall. Once again this went smoothly and the Expo though very small was full of running related friendly folk. Went for a meal with a fellow runner and member of Marathon Club Ireland and had an early night after that as I knew the race was going to be energy sapping.

Starting at 9am in Patrick Street the race itself was ran in warm weather with very high humidity. Hydration and Nutrition were crucial. The best running gift I got in the last year or so was a Flipbelt (thanks Katie Miller). These are wonderful. Look them up online. It kept my electrolytes, sweets and a bar and has room for more. It doesn't move or chafe and when flipped around keeps all items locked in place.

The route in Cork is ever changing with housing estates, the docks, the Jack Lynch Tunnel, Blackrock Castle, Lough Mahon, Cork Lough, the Páirc Uí Chaoimh redevelopment, the Mardyke etc.. It is always changing and that is lovely. Also the people of Cork come out in their 1000's and are very generous. It seemed in every street someone had sweets, water, oranges etc.. out for us. If it is possible I love ye and your City even more after this.

Despite the warm conditions I was feeling OK and ran through the Half in 2.02, my fastest Half in Cork in 4 attempts and I was running without the watch again. Then it dawned on me I have a 50K and a 40 Mile later this month so let's just hang back a little and relax into the 2nd half and enjoy the occasion. It was at that point I met up with Cathy from our Club and we decided to run the last 10 miles together coming in at 4.25. I must say I was so happy of the company as I met part of the wall on Mile 23 and not being alone really helped. Thanks Cathy!!

Marathon Club Ireland group photo before the Cork City Marathon start!
Somewhere en route (thanks Rocio Nace for the picture)
Number 44 in gorgeous Cork City!

The story of the day might have caught your attention already as it was covered in newspapers and on TV. Marathon Club of Ireland member Kay O'Regan and her husband Joe ran Cork City Marathon to celebrate having turned 80, being 57 years married and 30 years after running their 1st Marathon in London to celebrate their 50th birthdays! What an inspiration and what beautiful people!!

Kay and Joe O'Regan
What's next? Well it is coming really quickly now! Saturday, that's in 3 days arrgghh! :) It is time for Ultra Marathon number 2 of my running life. I'm taking part in the Portumna Forest Marathon running festival, running the 50K there! This is 1 of 4 races on the day with a Half Marathon, Full Marathon and 100K also on the menu. It starts at 7am. I'll tell you a bit more about it here on Friday!
Portumna Forest for this coming Saturday's 50K!
Miles with Smiles everyone and have a great day!!
Patte, xxxxx


  1. Glad you enjoyed Friday Night and I did note the Tulloran Tee Shirts tried to takeover as per usual

  2. Ger, thanks for everything, it was a great experience and I'll be back in November for the 30 miler. As for the tee shirt I wanted to do Tullaroan but couldn't due to work so my only contribution was the pic :)