Monday, 4 July 2016

Tralee! Again? And what's a Back to Back?

I love Marathon Club Ireland events. There is always a gathering of wonderful, wonderful people at them. People who run, laugh, dance, talk, inspire, love and be together. People who look after each other, encourage each other and care for each other.

We are meeting in Tralee this coming weekend. I hear you think all the way over here in my Limerick office. Tralee? Wasn't he there about a week ago? Yes, this will be my 3rd trip to Tralee this year. I'm getting to know it better and better. And I like going there. And as you remember from last week I was made an honorary member of Born To Run Tralee Marathon Club. So I'm kind of running a little bit at home Saturday and Sunday :)

In March I did my first Back to Back Marathons in Tralee. So it is fitting that my second attempt at it is in the same place but on a different route.

What's a Back to Back? 2 Full (26.2 miles) marathons in 2 consecutive days. You can do just the 1 yet quite a number of us will attempt the 2.

For me it is a wonderful way to spend a weekend with friends and do one of the things I love most, running!

Here's the route we will follow. 3 laps of 8.75 miles each day!

I will probably start at 8am both days. If you are around Tralee, come give us a shout. I'll be there from Friday to Monday morning.

And I'll have a Race Report Blog on Tuesday next!

Have a wonderful week! Miles with Smiles.

Patte xxxxx

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