Saturday, 16 June 2018

I had to run naked - and it changed everything.

It happened a good few years ago. I never forget it. It was the biggest Marathon of the year. At that time about 14,000 people lined the streets for the annual Dublin Marathon. I was ready. All the gear was ready. The clothes picked out. The people on the course to support me.

The starting time was getting nearer. Nervous anticipation took over. Can't wait. Let's go!

And then it happened. It snapped. In 2. Beyond repair. 3 minutes before the start. So I had to run without it and go naked. For the whole 26.2 miles.

Yet nobody looked at me funny. Nobody stopped me. Nobody showed disgust.

As for me I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every mile of it. Every minute of it. And I ran a PB. And I have ran naked ever since.

And I have ran naked ever since.

Yes, I can hear you think. What is he on about? Running naked? Surely not.

Yes, absolutely. I haven't run with a watch since the strap broke that morning in Dublin.

Since that day, I discovered the freedom of running for pure joy and listening to my body and what it is telling me. Not my mind, not a watch. Just listen to my body.

Some days I run long, some days short. Some days I run fast (for me) and some days I run slow. some days I don't even feel I'm running.

What else changed from that day? Not a single running injury to report on since that day and I have done 70 odd of my 110 Full or Ultra Marathons since that naked moment.

More joy, more freedom, more fun, less injuries.

More joy, more freedom, more fun, less injuries.

All because of a chance moment.

The day I ran naked was the day running became fun.

And now I am learning to do other things naked. Not the way they are 'supposed' to be done attached to numbers and time. Rather how it feels and is fun.

Step by step, living consciously.

Patte xxxxxx

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