Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What we scream about!

Everything around me is screaming. And the screams get louder every day. Some things and people scream out of lack, some out of want and others out of greed. The funny thing is that they scream in symbols. Their screams are hollow sounds filled with symbols. And we all know the symbols they use, because we all scream them too.

€, $, £, ¥, etc….

On a daily basis in our own lives or in our media these symbols represent need, want, desire, possession, greed, emptiness, obsession, deception, murder, war and general discomfort.

My reasoning is that if money was the main purpose of life we would be able to eat it, drink it, build shelters with it and its mere existence in our lives would make us happy. Yet most people tell me it doesn’t. It only allows us to buy the ingredients to do all the above. And the amount of it we need or want varies to where we live and who sets the prices.

Think of this, if I gave you all the money you want to provide you with all the things you need but prohibited you from using any of it, what would its worth be to you? None, I hear you say.

Currently, we all use money to buy the things we need and want. Or do we? Do we really need all the things we buy? Are we happy with the money we make? Does it allow us to buy everything we need? Do we want more all the time? Would we do more if we had more?

On a worldwide note, has money made the world a better place? Is our wealth equally distributed? Are we all living similar lifestyles due to the abundance of money around us? No, I hear you say.

Or has it made our world a scarier, greedier, possession driven place to live in? Yes, I hear you say.

Here’s one to ponder:

Money is useless without purpose for it. Our purpose in life is different for each person. We all have different things we want to achieve and different dreams. Some want a beautiful car. Some want to eradicate poverty. Some want to write books on a beach in Brazil while watching football. Some want a quiet life in a beautiful home. Some want the happy sounds of children around them. And these are just a few examples, I’m sure you have your own.

What we have lost track of is that all those wants have 1 thing in common. They make us feel a certain way. When we achieve what we want there is strong emotions and feelings attached to that. What if we captured those feelings and emotions for ourselves? What if we found out individually what makes us tick? What makes us feel in the flow of things?

All we needed then is to chase those feelings instead of money. If having stuff for the sake of having it would become less popular, money would become less important.

This is my journey, assisting people to help discover their WHY!! I needed a megaphone to shout above the screams so I am writing a book to stand on as if a soapbox to get this message delivered widely. Look out for updates on this space as the Structure has been nailed down and the writing is beginning!
Mean time you can contact me with questions and/or feedback or ideas on 083-3008963 or   
 Just because life’s  why is bigger than it’s what!!

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