Monday, 15 December 2014

Maybe strong is what you have left, when you have used up all your weak!

The title line is from an ad for Saucony; a company that makes amongst other things, running shoes. It always resonated with me and I figured out the reason for that recently. I was using all my weak in my running efforts. I am a better runner than I have been. I did the minimum of what I had to do to finish marathons.

So I needed a bigger challenge, one that would frighten me into action. I decided that 12 Marathons in 12 months was scary as I did an average of 2.5 marathons for the last 7 years. Today, Monday the 15th of December the start of that challenge is a mere 2 weeks away. 12 in 12 for Gorta Self Help Africa.

Funny how setting challenges that seem impossible focus you into action. I ran PB's for both the Half and Full Marathon this year at the age of 48! I just ran 29 miles over 3 days this weekend a week after my Half Marathon PB. I'm feeling better, stronger and fitter than 20 years ago when I was into sports but also into cigarettes, junk food and alcohol. The cigarettes have long gone, the vast majority of what is left of the junk food and alcohol are going January 2nd. This year is about breaking through to the other side of running; one that finds peace in pain, one that finds meditation in distance.

And one that will see me raise €12,000 for Gorta Self Help Africa. And that's the bit I need your help with. I'll let you know next Friday what you can do to assist right now.

Have a wonderful week and remember; run with a smile!

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