Saturday, 6 December 2014

Progress, mindsets, why's and urgency.

Waterford, 06/12/2014
This is shaping up to be a great weekend. I just ran a Personal Best (PB) for the Half Marathon at the Waterford AC Half at age 48! 1Hr47min33sec.
 To put it into context my PB is from 5 years ago at 1H48 and my other 2 Half Marathons this year were 1H54 and 1H53. That's half a minute per mile off.
As a Life and Motivational Coach I am curious as to the Why of everything so what made me go to sub 8 minute miles for the last 5 today and 7.25 for the last 1.1 mile?

I stayed in the room of the wonderful Athenaeum Hotel in the afternoon to figure it out. It is a combination of things mostly centred around mind-set.

1. The 12 Marathons in 12 months challenge is starting next Month in January 2015 and I feel nervous anticipation towards it so I wanted to prove myself today (just to me) :)
2. I have made running one of 2 things (together with my coaching business) I want to do to the best of my ability, the highest standard possible. I have to thank Gerry Duffy for that phrase, I learned it at one of his seminars on an April Sunday this year in the Irish Management Institute in Dublin.
3. I have an integrated plan inclusive of running training, Paleo based nutrition, core exercises, planned marathons etc...
4. I have a brilliant cause and charity for the 2015 challenge in Gorta Self Help Africa and I have promised them stuff and I like keeping my word.

None of these have started but are imminent, yet the anticipation, urgency, nearness and desire were strong enough to make me feel like I could fly today.

All you need in life to succeed is a strong Reason, an Action Plan, Value congruency, Love and Hard Work. The rest is all in the mind and easy!

I said recently I had been winging this running lark in the last 6 years and 17 Marathons and I know now that is true. Boundaries will be smashed, thanks in advance for all your support for my 12 in 12 months challenge in 2015!

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