Friday, 6 November 2015

A different way to look into the future!

I was reminded yet again this morning that what I 'impose' on people continuously, holds massive truth within it.

Everything in a human's life happens in one day, and in that day it happens in one moment. Live that day and that moment to the fullest of your ability and you shall be 'free-er' than most.

And in those two sentences lies more than just a quote or a life mantra. It also helped me to release myself from the 'Goal' driven agenda. Because all goals live in the future. And I'm not sure I want to live constantly in the future. Not that there is anything wrong goals as such. I believe however that there is an extra layer or level to this.

I now make Decisions based on a few small yet vitally important criteria:

1- Is the decision congruent with my core values?
2- Will I love implementing the decision?
3- Is it good for me?
4- Has it the potential to make other people's lives better?
5- Is it in the few things that I know I am good at?

5 times Yes means go ahead whether I think I'm ready or not.
4 times Yes and 1 No means I look whether the sacrifice is worth it and for how long
2 times No or more is No!

Whatever gets the go ahead then gets implemented daily, weekly or monthly. At whatever rate required. And the emphasis stays with the love of regular implementation of the decision. Not with the target.

If the decision is value based, I love doing it, it is good for me, others benefit and I'm good at it; I will feel less attachment to the target. The target will meet and reinvent itself! One Day, in One Moment.

That's how I got to the decision to attempt the run from Limerick to Brussels and back in 2019 via Dun Laoghaire, Holyhead, Dover and Calais. 5 times Yes! 1,170 miles of Yes!

I'm going to have some fun implementing everything around that every day from now on!!!

Every Day, in the One Day, in the One Moment I am in!

Patte x

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