Monday, 2 November 2015

Do you love yourself enough?

I love this Mark Twain quote: 'Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.'
As my awareness levels grow steadily through the practice of conscious self love I find myself at odds with the majority most of the time. Not because I have a desire to be at odds, rather because I have a desire to 'be more like me and be less like you'. (I poached that last line from a Linkin Park song 'Numb'.)
Self love and taking care of self is not counterintuitive. In fact it is part of our self preservation instincts. We have however been conditioned to make it feel like it is counterintuitive. It is seen as selfish. And selfish is bad. Right? Or is there 2 kinds of selfish?
I love myself. (I can see your reaction to this as I type it, ye are a funny bunch!) I love myself enough to do just the things I love doing as much as possible. And more of that each week.
Carrie Bradshaw agrees with me :)
I love myself enough to live a life that is destined for continuous learning and for contribution beyond myself. Learning to become better and helping others to become better.
Not better in the sense of richer, faster or more successful. Better at loving themselves and doing more stuff they love.
It is my premise that if more people re-individualised their care, our world would become a better place to live in. In contrast to the globalisation of the economy and the collectivisation of society.
I am for reintroducing the individual as the pillar of society. Individuals that love themselves enough to do more of what is truly them. And in that way help others at truly being themselves.
That's why I love running. It is part of what I love doing so I'm doing more of it. 61.66 miles last week. That's 99.23 kilometres. Not because I planned to do that much. But because I love myself enough to do more of what I like.
I am writing this for those who like me don't feel like belonging to the current majority anymore. And to make the others think about it. Start loving yourselves a bit more and do more of what you like rather than what 'you have to'.
Have a wonderful day full of self love.

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