Friday, 12 August 2016

Tralee 100K inspires!

I thought about writing a race report for last weekend's Tralee 100K. Then didn't. Because I didn't race, I crewed. And learned. And was in awe. And learned. And got inspired. And learned. And saw pain. And learned. And saw persistence. And learned. And saw elation. And learned. I will write to people individually over the next few days/weeks to congratulate them.

100K is more an experience than a race. Just like the 40 miler was for me earlier this year when I fell in love with the unknown.

Crewing for Shane Dunphy (Congrats again on your wonderful achievement), who ran with an equally impressive Derek Mackessy, was an experience too. I saw the highs and lows of Ultra running. The beauty of growth through pain. The pureness of mind over body. The graciousness of people in flow.

 Crewing the 100K for Shane Dunphy with Brenda Barrett Dunphy was quite an inspiring experience! (Pic Run The Kingdom - Frederick Loveridge).

The magnificent tandem of enhanced human endeavour and natural beauty of places like Kerryhead, Ballyheigue, Banna Strand, Fenit Pier, Barrow Hill etc...

It was poetry in motion. Movement through stillness. Calmness in wilderness.

It was utterly beautiful. And inspiring.

Count me in. Next year. Tralee 100K.

It's prominent on my list of so far 8 Ultra's for next year. I'm hooked to the beauty and mindfulness of the solitude of the long distance runner. With a bunch of wonderful running mates thrown into the equation.

I'm taking the rest of this year to prepare for the running experiences of 2017 by training 5 to 6 days a week, eating better, cross training and doing 6-7 more single Marathons and one 30 mile Ultra. Pure fun!

Congrats Marcus Howlett and Jim McNeice for the experiences this year in Tralee. I'll be back!!

Miles with Smiles,

Patte xxxxx

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