Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why crew when you could run? Crewing at this weekend's Tralee 100K.

All the reasons I am starting a new venture called The Intentional Academy are in it's mission statement. It reads: 'Our vision is to promote, communicate and inspire belief in a way of life that is based on purpose, self-reliance, contribution and well-being.' For those who may be interested I've started a new blog on this at http://itsallintentional.com/

Distance running fits in beautifully with that vision. Among other things it serves the purpose of creating headspace, facilitating meditation and meeting like minded people. It can be quite self reliant at times when running on your own at mile 29 of 39 in a 50-60mph head on wind & hailstorm on top of a hill range (Connemarathon this year). It most certainly assists with my well-being both physically and mentally.

Now for the contribution part. I am happy to assist novel runners with training programs and even to go run with them. I am happy to share my stories in order to hopefully inspire others to start moving and exercising. I am happy to help out at running events because runners know what runners need.

What I haven't done yet is help crew for someone at an Ultra Marathon. Having run my first 3 ultra's this year (Connemara 39.3 mile http://howmanybelgians.blogspot.ie/2016/04/connemarathon-ultra-race-report.html, Portumna 50K http://howmanybelgians.blogspot.ie/2016/06/portumna-forest-marathon-race-report.html and Tralee 40 Mile http://howmanybelgians.blogspot.ie/2016/06/run-kingdom-40-mile-ultra-race-report.html) without crew I guess that once you go towards 100K or more it might be nice to have a crew to look after food, ailments, mental health, support etc...

As I am preparing for longer races in 2017 and because I like to contribute and give back I have volunteered to help crew for a good friend, Shane Dunphy, who is doing his first 100K race this Sunday in Tralee! http://runthekingdom.ie/events-calendar/aug-tralee-100k-ultra-marathon/

Shane will do the running, his fellow Marathoner wife Brenda is in the car with another Marathoner Paddy Mockett and myself. We start Sunday at 6am with a 9pm cut off time. The Cut off time means we all work together to get Shane to the Finish Line before that time, with Shane doing most of the work obviously. Personally I have agreed to jump in and run the last 20 or 30K with Shane if wanted/needed. Here's the route! http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/926232191

I am so looking forward to what will be an adventure, a long day and an exhaustive day. I'm also looking forward to supporting all the other athletes en route, many of them come from our wonderful circle of friends in Marathon Club Ireland, Born To Run Tralee, Kerry Crusaders and many, many more! What a glorious way to spend a Sunday! And don't tell to many people, yet this race if still on next year is on my to-do list. :)

I'll be sure to have a report here on the event and how we got on next Tuesday as I'm staying in Tralee Sunday night and returning Monday afternoon!

In the mean time I'll just go for a wee 6 to 10 miler each day this week to warm up for it!!

Miles with Smiles,

Patte xxxxx

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