Sunday, 18 February 2018

How many Belgians does it take to start blogging again?

I loved writing this blog. People contacted me to say they loved reading it. I loved sharing my running journey and the many wonderful people and locations it lead me to. Because running had become more about people than about races. About locations and encounters rather than medals and records.

And yet it stopped.

I could try and figure the why. Or what happened. That may take some time to work out.

Or I could start writing again. Because all the loves above are still there. And still strong as ever.

I could write about my achievements passing the 100 Marathon mark in November last. And the crazy plans in store for 2018.

Or I could write with others in mind. And link this blog about running to analogies with life.

Or I could write about all the amazing people I meet both in running and in life.

Or the amazing scenery I come across. How seeing our planet on foot changes your perspective.

I will write about ALL the above. At least once a week. Or if I feel like it more often.

To share. To learn. To engage. To live. To love. To be Intentional about it all.

Hope you enjoy reading, engaging, sharing and commenting.

First blog TOMORROW Monday 19/2!! Talk soon.

Patte xxx

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