Monday, 19 February 2018

Lusk and a running resurrection, kind of.

3 Months. with just a few parkruns in Melbourne, Sydney and Limerick and a 10K for Milford Hospice.

Darebin parkrun Melbourne
Milford 10K start at UL
Mosman parkrun Sydnery with Katie, Eoin and Nessa

It had been 3 months since 26.2 or more was on the diary. And no training either. As if reaching the 100 Marathon mark in November had been a finish line. Even though it was always clear it wasn't. It kind of became one. And it didn't stop at 100. Yet at 102. Odd.

And then it dawned on me. I keep sharing with people the knowledge that targets and goals have that effect. You get a brief moment of exhilaration and a sense of gratifying achievement. And then nothing. A void. Then the need for a next target. And we end up chasing forever. Or we come to a sudden halt.

Which is what happened to me. The 100 had become a target. It had installed itself in my subconscious mind and then into my logical thinking. I planned the date, the race, the people. And as predicted above after the exhilaration came the void. And it lasted 3 months.

Until I became aware that I was slipping back into habits I thought I had eradicated once I started running. That awareness led to 1 simple little act. Which is all it often takes to reconnect. 1 simple act you can do right now.

I booked a Marathon online. 17th of February in Lusk, County Dublin with East of Ireland Marathon Series. It was race 3 of a 4 race Quad with East Antrim Marathon Series. There. 1 simple act.

And act 2 followed. I set out a clear intention for running. I will run as often as I can, as far as I can,  as long as I enjoy it.

I didn't even train for the race. Just drove up on the Friday evening with my number 1 supporter Maura and stayed in an airport hotel. The days of getting up at stupid o'clock to drive a few hours to an 8am start are gone. This is about having fun doing what I love doing.

Arrived at the Club house of soccer team Lusk AFC for registration and was immediately hit by one thing. Nope, not the icy underfoot conditions. The sun would take care of those in a while. I was hit by camraderie, friendship, hugs and a wave of well wishes. I have gotten to know so many wonderful, positive, amazing, resilient, funny and caring people. And many were there. Too many to mention. (you'll get to know them all on this blog, this is about them too).

The race itself. Very well organised by Frank, Gary and Ger from EOI (East of Ireland Marathon Series) as they always are. Banter galore. Amazing and friendly marshals and volunteers. 4 loops of undulating fun and amazing views from the top of non-existing hills. I did not know North County Dublin was that beautiful. But then most of Ireland is, especially when seen on foot.

We ran wee country roads. Past farms, railways, leafy houses. We met galloping horses, dogs chasing cars and runners. For 26.2 glorious miles. I am back. And it feels wonderful. It feels great. It feels lovely.

Start at 8am in Lusk

8am start group in Lusk

We're back 

Lovely EOI bling

All it took was 1 simple act and an intention. But then doesn't everything start like that. Certainly when done with love.

Oh, and I'm booking my next marathon today. Saturday March 3rd. With Marathon Club Ireland on the gorgeous grounds of the University of Limerick. Link to Book Here

Hope to see some of you there.

Miles with smiles, intentionally.

Patte xxx

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