Thursday, 1 March 2018

The world kinda runs out of you.

Whatever the day delivered to you. Whatever the traffic brought you. Whatever the people you met or engaged with did or said to you. Whatever your circumstances right there and then. Whatever you think tomorrow might or might not bring.

Whatever the weather. Whatever your mood. Whatever the time of day or night.

The moment you pull on the shorts, the singlet, the socks and the runners. Put on the head torch. Stack the keys, phone and some spare change in a flip-belt.

And you set foot outside that door.

Then all ceases to exist except for the road ahead. You might not know how far. Nor how fast. Because you are a long distance road runner.

And with every passing stride the world kinda runs out of you. And all is good.

Miles with Smiles xx Patte

PS: Mine's running, what makes the world run out of you???


  1. Wonderful post x what makes the world run out of me is.. being in flow, a certain state of mind - when creating, art, writing or simply change for the better ;-)

    1. Thanks Danielle. That state is indeed a result of being in flow with self. Thanks for sharing :)