Friday, 18 September 2015

Number 12 of 12 tomorrow and how it came to be!

It was late 2012 and I had taken part in and finished 6 Marathons in 5 years of running. People were impressed with that. I was too, yet somehow knew there was more. I was enjoying it yet something was missing. I loved running and it gave loads back but there was a lack.

I am a Life, Purpose and Motivational coach. My continuous self development, studies, reading and research lead to an awareness for the need of growth and development. To see life as a journey, not a destination. In fact to see everything in the now, the moment.

However my conditioning through education, life and the world around me to a structured life is still present despite that awareness. And by balancing both I lead the happiest life I can. I combine my passions with a desire to contribute to the world and try to do that in a structured way.

All that to explain that I got an idea in late 2012. For me to move running from mere numbers to a lifestyle I needed a way to contribute and some structure. The idea of 12 Marathons in 12 Months came to me. It seemed scary yet somehow feasible if I immersed myself in it. I set 2015 as the year to do this. For a charity, Gorta Self Help Africa. Donations can be made on

In 2013 I ran 4 marathons in 1 year for the first time. Limerick, Cork, Killarney and Dublin. It hurt, meant an increase in training but I loved it. It was becoming a lifestyle choice rather than a sport. Also in October 2013 I joined Marathon Club Ireland (MCI) just before doing Dublin which was to be my 10th marathon overall.

Pic from Mid July when I had 9 of 12 done!

So in 2014 I was going to try 6 Marathons in preparation for the 12 in 12. 2014 became my first year to overachieve. I finished the year with 7 and ran a combined 1,188 miles in training and races. I ran Tralee, Connemara, Limerick, Cork, Killarney, Charleville and Dublin.

Skip a beat to September 2015. I have done 11 marathons so far this year, 5 in 8 weeks in the Summer. Lilliput, Lough Derg, Tralee, Connemara, Limerick, Cork, Portumna, Waterford, Portarlington, Courtmacsherry and Craughwell. It hurt, meant an increase in training but I loved it. It was now a lifestyle choice rather than a sport.

Waterford Viking Marathon in June!

So tomorrow I attempt to run number 12. 3 months ahead of schedule. In Tullaroan, County Kilkenny! With 2 more booked for October, 1 for November and 1 or 2 in December. Because it is now a lifestyle! MCI are like a second family. I'm healthier than ever. I'm mentally in a very strong place. My business and personal life are benefitting from the above.

Find your passion, live in the now, change your vision on life to what you can contribute, commit and enjoy!!

You can donate for the Charity on

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