Monday, 14 September 2015

12 in 12 completion on Saturday, will I do more???

I heard you missed me the last couple of weeks. I was away on holidays in France you see. Didn't I tell you? Sorry. I'm back though. From 28 degrees back to the lovely 'soft' days in Limerick. I missed writing to you.

I didn't miss out on running though. In fact I ran my 11th marathon the day before I flew out. It was a small (50-60runners) yet very well organised event between Craughwell AC (County Galway) and MCI (Marathon Club Ireland) with a beautiful spread of food afterwards. It was 8 laps of 3.3 Miles. I ran the first 4 laps easily enough and then ran the next 2 laps pacing with Sinead, who was in training for Dublin Marathon and was doing the Half but decided to run 2 more laps as a long run. Good conversation and all of a sudden you are 20 miles in :)

I then met Seamus Dornan and Derek Mackessy who are both closing in on their 100th Marathon and sauntered through lap 7 with these running legends. Time to finish off with lap 8 on my own which turned out to be my fastest. 11 Marathons done, 1 to go?

Marathon 12 is this Saturday. 6 days after the holiday. Doesn't sound like a clever plan! Yet commitment, passion and accountability know no excuses. Excuses are for procrastination addicts. That used to be me. No more. I have found love, peace of mind, passion and purpose in my running and my life. So no more excuses. Yes, I did enjoy a glass of vino with dinner on the holidays and a couple of beers at night. And the very good French Cuisine.

I also ran 12 of the 14 days I was away. That's my normal 6 day a week training schedule. On 10 of those 12 runs, I ran up a graded hill to Nice's old castle site.

Here's the view from the Top of the Hill to the Old Town where the runs started.

When I arrived into Shannon Airport yesterday, my luggage didn't. It seems now it was left in Nice. With all my running gear. So after filing some paperwork and getting home to feed the cat (neighbour looked after him for the 2 weeks) the first thing I did was go to Elvery's to get an interim pair of runners and socks and did a 7.2 mile run in gloriously wet conditions. Did I mention before I love Autumn and Winter running? :)

Anyway, I have done the best I can to prepare for NUMBER 12!!! Yes when I said I was doing 12 Marathons in 12 Months for Gorta Self Help Africa I was always going to keep my word. So this Saturday I am running number 12. 3 months ahead of schedule. With some wonderful running friends. With the amazing people of MCI. In a place I had never heard of. Tullaroan, County Kilkenny. Thrills in the Hills of Tullaroan with Vincent Guthrie as Race Director and all my MCI buddies.

I am concentrating my efforts on getting that done this week plus catching up on work and starting my new business model. But after that and from next week expect to get asked serious questions.

I need your help urgently!!! I want to get more funds for the charity!!! I will have done my 12 and am willing to do 4 or 5 more if I get sponsored enough!!!

So I will need your help with the fundraising. In the mean time you can share the link to my fundraising page

Commitment + Accountability + Passion + Purpose = Peace of Mind in Achievement!!

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