Monday, 28 September 2015

It only hurts if you are doing it right!

The line in the title is my favourite response to the many questions long distance runners get about joints, knees, ankles etc.... It must be bad for you all that pounding on the roads, you will feel it in years to come, your knees won't last, your joints aren't made for this.

Followed by 'Does it hurt?' Cue response 'Only if you are doing it right'.

I am truly enjoying my running right now. It is actually a pleasure to go out 6 days every week and run. Last week I went for 10K's (6.22miles) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was a busy day with networking so I skipped that day. Saturday I went for my usual 9.5 mile loop and Sunday I stretched it to a 15.2 miler. That's 49.58 miles this week.

I used to manage 30 miles last year and feel it. I was then focussing on getting 30 and sometimes 35 miles in every week. The less attention I'm paying to the fact that I am running, the more miles I seem to do.

I know this can be applied to other life situations. If you find something you love doing, you will do more of it when you let things flow. It's nature's way. Stop forcing things and let things happen. This letting things flow breaks boundaries, smashes preconceptions and allows the body and mind to relax and flourish. Just like nature does.

The 12 marathons in 12 months challenge is going on a trip this week. Thursday morning we are Brussels bound for Marathon number 13. That's another thing you get when you stop forcing stuff. 13 will fit perfectly into 12in12 :)

The next blog on Friday will come to you from the EU capital. Well from about 10 miles East of it, from a small town called Tervuren. That's where the mammy lives. And where we prepare for Brussels Marathon this coming Sunday!

Off to the country of Chocolates, Beers and Waffles!! All for after the race of course!!

You can donate to the Challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa at

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