Friday, 30 October 2015

Simple strategy to get better at things!

Here's a really simple strategy to get better at things regardless of the area of life you want change in.

1. Try new things.
2. When you find something you like and it's good for you, keep doing it.
3. Immerse your self in that thing and do more and learn more about it.
4. Do More and expand your limits.
5. Keep doing it until you loose the love for it (that might be forever and it might be 6 months).
6. Try new things.

That's a neat summary of what I'm doing constantly. By doing this I discovered my love for Speaking and for Running. And I'm trying new things all the time. I want to try much more travel in 2016 and cookery courses and writing a book and reading more.

Life is an adventure. Live it that way and wander and wonder.

And when you find a thing you love there is new things in that you can try too. Like I'm definitely trying Ultra running next year. I'll let you know if I like it or not. And I would love to go on some trail runs.

Do with this strategy what you like; ignore it, change it, use it! All I know is it works for me and I have seen it work for others.

Running wise I'm in recovery week from Dublin. Just did 2 x 10K's since Monday's race. Today is rest day then tomorrow morning 9.5 miles and Sunday 13.5 miles. Because I want to find that FLOW again I got in Dublin. It was so pleasant to run on an empty mind. So peaceful and joyous.

Sunday 2 weeks on November 15th I'll head to Sixmilebridge for the Annual Eddie Murphy Memorial races on their 1 mile loop course. Did a Half Marathon there last year, doing Full this year for number 15 of the 12 Marathons in 12 Months Challenge. You can donate to the Challenge on

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