Monday, 7 December 2015

It's a Clonakilty Special!

This weekend was a Race Directors nightmare. Lots of visitors coming to your race from all over the world and country. Lots already in situ and a storm warning. Monitoring the situation 24/7 with just a handful of people because this is a family event, not a corporate machine. Talking to emergency services and GardaĆ­, driving the course continuously to check it's status.

On Friday evening around 11pm I was party to a conversation between organisers and GardaĆ­ were everything was still expected to go ahead. At 6.30am Saturday the incessant rain had caused roads to flood and all routes were deemed unsafe for a mass event. They had to cancel the event last minute.

I feel for them. The love they put into the event is a genuine love for running and runners alike. They do this because they love the area and it's people too. Testimony to that the successful race at Courtmacsherry in July with Team Hoyt and Team Kerr.

I feel for Bob, Ia and all at Clon Crew. You have our support and we are looking forward to the rescheduled date. We know you care deeply and it is up to us to show you how much we care. Time to Find Ourselves! Thanks for everything and see you soon!!!!

No sooner was the race cancelled but MCI pulled together as a group to show what we are all about. The hugs, love and words of support were heartfelt. The medal presentation for runners who had achieved milestones was full of stories of courage, personal triumphs, real life challenges and a deep routed love for running, each other and the Club. There were 25, 50 & 75 Marathon medals. There was Derek Mackessey who received his 100 Medal and T-Shirt. 100 Marathons is an aim for most members and Derek is a superb ambassador for the Club and race director of the Back to Back in Limerick. There was also Jimmy Nugent, full of energy after 200 marathons.

I have said this before yet I will say it again and these words are not said lightly. Marathon Club Ireland right now is the most exceptional bunch of people I was ever privileged to be part of. The genuine care for each other and those around us that are less fortunate comes naturally. Couple that to the natural grit, determination, stamina and 'let's just do it' attitude of long distance runners and you have the recipe for something really, really special. I feel so humbled and privileged to be part of it.

And we had some Christmas Party on Saturday. All the energy that wasn't left on the road was left on the dance floor. I nominate Aaron, David and Sandra Kerr for a special mention. their dedication, togetherness and positive attitude is teaching us all how to be better people.

If you have done 1 Marathon or more and you want to become part of THE Irish running Club just apply to join the Club. You will definitely not regret it. You can get the form on

Running wise I waited until about 2pm on Saturday and found a 3.5 mile route that was safe to run and did 2 laps in howling winds and rain. I'm sorry if that upset Teresa Mannion :) When we got home Sunday I went for another 7.2 miles because the love for running is deeper than circumstances.

I'm now at 1,915 miles for the year and if you remember apart from 12 Marathons in 12 Months my second intention was 2,015 miles in 2015. 100 Miles to go in 25 days. Weather permitting well do-able.

And with the special Clonakilty spirit behind me it will be a pleasure to run them.

Miles with Smiles :) Talk to you Friday.

Patte xxx

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