Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Them thar hills. A Cork salute.

It's no secret. I love Cork City. The people are immensely genuine, they have a real 'of course we can do that for you boy' attitude, the city centre seems to be perpetually alive, there is a vibrant food scene. They have a distinguishable lack of pretence and often no need for comparison. They are just Corkonians happy in the knowledge they live in the nicest place on Earth. (Their words by the way!!). Jamaica might be nice, 'but it's not Cork like'.

I was there from Thursday to yesterday on a retreat to do some uninterrupted work on a book I have been threatening to write. I finished the layout of the Chapters, wrote the introduction and started on the 1st Chapter. It's under way now, unstoppable. I also managed to publish and promote my first workshop for 2016. It's on Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/do-more-of-what-you-love-workshop-tickets-20071833394

Anyway as if it's needed here's another reason I love it. Within a few hundred yards of anywhere there is hills. And I don't mean inclines nor mountains, I mean proper hills. And I love running hills. I went up Summerhill North to Saint Luke's then a left turn up the Middle Glanmire Road through Montenotte towards Mayfield Industrial Estate and through Mayfield (Roy Keane's stomping ground) on the Old Youghal Road back to Saint Luke's and out for a second lap up the Hill.

Cork would look small and insignificant but completely lit up from the top. Because I prefer running in the dark. That's something I discovered recently. I really enjoy the solitude and peace that comes with training in darkness. I suppose even though I am a people person and an extravert I need my space too and find that from running so the runs at night make sense to me.

And remember when you find what you love doing, do more of it. And then more again. And find a way to share your gift with the world. I love them thar Cork hills and I love running them in the dark. Expect me back soon.

Sunday the 27th (that's only 5 days from now oops) we are hopefully heading to Portumna Forest in droves with Marathon Club Ireland for our final club Marathon of 2015. My 16th of 2015. So looking forward to that. I can already feel the hugs and love.

Have a wonderful festive few days, Miles with Smiles.

Patte xxxx

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