Friday, 4 March 2016

Marathon Club Ireland visits Limerick.

This weekend it's Limerick's turn to host a Marathon Club Ireland event. Tomorrow and Sunday the absolutely gorgeous campus of the University of Limerick will see a lot of brave souls take on Back to Back marathons.

The course consists of a 1 mile loop followed by five 5 mile loops mostly around the campus. So much of this is what I love about running these days. A great course, a great Race Director in Derek Mackessy, lots and lots of running friends, hugs, Jaffa cakes, jelly beans, passion, endurance, laughs and miles with smiles.

Personally I will run my 37th marathon on Saturday and am volunteering on Sunday to help ensure everyone taking part has a great time in our Treaty City! This is what this Club is all about! Friendship without questions. Fun without limits. Unconditionally. One big running family. No wonder the membership is growing each year!

Thanks to those who read, shared and reacted on the blog post with my story yesterday. It was not easy writing it and your reactions were very welcome. Thank you, it strengthens my resolve to make a difference to the way we look at life. Thanks for your continued support in helping me spread the message. Here's a link to yesterday's blog for those who missed it:

A lot of what I have achieved mentally and physically in the last 2 years is due to my reintroduction to sport. And the people of Marathon Club Ireland played a massive role in that. I remember that and intend to pay it forward in buckets.

That's it for me today! I'm looking forward to today first and then it is MCI time and that's happy time!

Miles with Smiles,

Patte xxxxx

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