Monday, 30 May 2016

June preview: One Full + 2 Ultra!

I have been minding myself when running. Going on feeling for the last month or so. Running when it felt right, for the distances that felt right at the speed that felt right.

And as some of you are aware, I have ditched my watch for some of the runs too.

The result is peaceful, nearly meditative running. It is becoming more of a joy and less of a race. It is timeless fun! And it is so good for the soul to do it this way.

We are also in the part of the year were I get a 'dip' in performance. You see, I'm an Autumn and Winter runner and prefer cold and wet days to what we get served now. And getting rid of the watch for some of the runs has eased the need for running at 'winter' speeds. And made it easier.

Still managed 2 Full Marathons in May. And enjoyed both. One at 'home' in Limerick and one in the beautiful Killarney National Park.

We are now entering the Summer Months and I have decided to run more races than last year but at my own pace without the watch.

June has 3 races in store. 2 I see as warm up races to the 'big one' on June 25th. First up is one of my favourites, Cork City Marathon next Monday the 6th! regular readers will know my love for that city and it's Marathon is like an annual lap of fun for me.

Then 5 days later on Saturday 11th I head for my second visit to the Forest Marathon in gorgeous Portumna Forest. Last year I ran the Marathon, this year I run my 2nd ever Ultra marathon in a 50K run.

All this to prepare for my longest race to date, the Tralee 40 Miler on Saturday 25th. I like going to Tralee. A bit like Cork it has something I like. I don't know what exactly and don't need to know. It's just there.

So that's June. yesterday I went for a no watch run, planning on a 10K or so and ended up doing 13.3 miles or just over Half Marathon distance. Peace of mind and joy. And it felt great!

Have a great week, miles with smiles.

Patte xxx

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