Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Great Limerick Run race report - One for the Club.

I'll keep the 'me' part simple. I ran my 42nd Marathon, number 9 of 2016 in 4h19m at the Great Limerick Run Marathon. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. And that was due to 2 things. 1- My love for running. 2- My friends in the large family that is Marathon Club Ireland.

I'm dedicating this one to the Club. It's all the small things we do for each other that makes the most difference.

We run in packs for mutual support.
We give each other lifts to start lines.
We share our life stories and everyone listens.
We collect numbers for each other when others have far to travel.
We offer free rooms in our house for people who have to travel far.
We hug the love and great spirit into each other.
We make cupcakes, soup and energy bars for each other.
We travel to far flung places like Killeigh, Craughwell and Tullaroan together.
We share pictures online.
We share hostel/hotel rooms.
We support each other when injury hits.
We offer up our own runs to get others over the line when needed.
We promote #inclusion for wheelchair assisted running families.
We achieve together!!

That list could be so much longer and exhaustive. My life changed when I joined Marathon Club Ireland. I found a family of people who will do all the above for one another in the blink of an eye.

Congrats this weekend to Paula Wright and Desmond Broaders on their 25th Marathon celebrations.
Thanks to Paula, Cathy, Michelle and Aiden for the company on race day.
Congrats to Sheila Masterson and Paula Bowes on huge PB's.
Thanks to Paula, Cathy, Michelle, Joe, Maura, Kasia, Mary, Maryse, Derek and Vincent for a great night out after the race.
Congrats and thanks to Angela Ross Ines for a speedy last 1.5 miles.
Congrats to Team Kerr, Team Noah and Team Murphy on successful races!!

 Paula's Angels with Lead vocalist Aiden!
 What a solid bunch to spend a Sunday morning running with!!
Paula Wright receiving her 25th Medal from Vincent Guthrie.

As I said, this one is for the Club. It's a privilege to be able to do all those small things together. Because all those small things together make us great Marathoners and even greater friends.

Miles with Smiles,

Patte xxxxx

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