Friday, 13 May 2016

Race weekend. Or is it?

It's race weekend! Although race is a big word. When looking back I realise I have actually ran my last 3 events without a stopwatch and the Lakes of Killarney Marathon tomorrow morning will be number 4 in that series!

That means I'm really enjoying my running right now. It is not just about sport or times anymore, it is a lifestyle choice. It is about meeting like minded people who share our love of running. I feel privileged to have the ability of running multiple marathons in a year. Killarney will be number 10 this year and 43 in total. And I'm grateful for that.

As I have never ran this event there is a sense of anticipation heightened by the fact that I am travelling this afternoon and spending 2 nights in a B&B in the beautiful surrounds of Killarney National Park. We run 3 loops over Knockreer Hill to Ross Castle and Ross Island in the Park. I love that area!!!

I know lots of my MCI buddies are going and that makes it even more special. Here's to our 26.2 (and longer) lifestyle.

See yiz in Killarney or on this blog with a race report on Monday!!

Miles with Smiles,

Patte xxxxx

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