Friday, 30 January 2015

Commitment! The art of dodging excuses.

We got away with it in Limerick City once again in the last few days. Here; no snow or hail or other inclement weather situations. Actually yesterday evening was pretty much my favourite weather conditions for running. Cool and breezy, a drizzle would have made it perfect.

Yet I saw quite a few pictures on my timeline of people braving the elements in other parts of the country to run, cycle and exercise outdoors despite snow, hail and less than ideal conditions. So why do most of these people do it? I can't answer for them but what I do on a bad weather day is dress appropriately and train according to the circumstances. My Why is bigger than my excuses.

I run because it's part of my lifestyle, I run because it keeps me energised, I run because it is my meditation, I run because it frees me spiritually, I run because I want to help give female farmers in Africa an opportunity, I run because I know I inspire others to run or exercise. And there is more.

All these reasons together form my Why. And my Why is bigger than any weather. And that's the reason I exercise nearly every day.

Here's this week's Running Schedule (take note this is the first week after a Marathon Race) to give you a taste of the commitment it takes to run 12 Marathons in 12 months in 2015 for Gorta Self Help Africa:
Monday: 6.21Miles (10K)
Tuesday: 6.21Miles (10K)
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: 6.21Miles (10K)
Friday: 6.21Miles (10K)
Saturday: 9.15 Miles (14.5K)
Sunday: 13.81 Miles (22K)

With this challenge just like with anything in life, your WHY needs to be bigger than your excuses. As a Life & Personal Coach that and motivation is a particular expertise area.

What do you want to achieve in 2015 or beyond? What is your WHY to achieve it? Is your WHY big enough? It would be good to answer those questions first.

Meanwhile my 2nd Marathon of the 12 is tomorrow 4 weeks on February 28th around the University of Limerick area. If you are in Limerick come give us a shout that day. And you can sponsor me in my Gorta Self Help Africa challenge on

Talk to you Monday, Running Miles with Smiles!!!!!

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