Monday, 5 January 2015

It's all of a sudden become time to get serious!

Checked my calendar to find out it's actually January 5th 2015! I'm 5 days into my 12 Marathons in 12 Months year. So what's happened since Friday?

Yesterday I made a rookie mistake. It's good I made it during an 11 Mile training run as I would have been in trouble if it was in a race. For the last 2 weeks I had trained with double tops and the leggings of a track suit as the temperatures had dropped for my darkness runs. Yesterday it was 9 degrees and I wore the same. I overheated after 4 or 5 miles and was uncomfortable the whole way through my run. TIP: Dress for 7 to 10 degrees warmer than it is as that is how you will feel after 5 or 6 Miles.

Anyway I made it through the run and am increasing the distance again next Sunday to somewhere between 14-18 Miles. Meanwhile I will spend a minimum of 2 hours each day on either training or the organisation of the events. That's a minimum of 14 hours by 52 weeks = 728 Hours! And all I want from you in return is €12! (Or more if you want and can afford it).

Also I have given up alcohol for the year! I know that by staying completely sober me and my running will benefit. I'm changing my diet as well slowly in the next few weeks, more about that in next blogs!

Oh, here's the address on the Web where you can donate:

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