Friday, 9 January 2015

It's all about the base, about the base!

It’s the same with this challenge. The 12 marathons in 12 months are the highlights, where I dance in the lights, run through finish lines, the adrenaline rush of race day.

Before and after the starting and finish lines are numerous mornings and evenings before and after work where I get to enjoy what I do most, being present from within accumulating miles. All going well this week I will break 40 miles, as I will next week. And then in 2 weeks’ time, Saturday 24th it’s race day number 1 in Lilliput County Westmeath with all my wonderfully inspirational buddies from my running club, Marathon Club Ireland!
Sometimes help comes from angles you weren’t looking at. Collette O’Hagan, an amazing member of the club from Dundalk, decided to launch a challenge on Facebook; and is inviting people just for fun to run either 2015 Km or 2015 Miles this year. Challenge accepted; it will make training in all weather that bit more interesting again. Thanks Collette!
I have also the pleasure to announce that John McNamara from Evolve Life Coaching and Ronan Scully from Gorta Self Help Africa have committed to run at least 1 (maybe 2) marathons with me to help raise funds. Thanks guys, really appreciated. If you want to run one with me as well, please let me know on 083-3008963 or
That’s it from me this week folks. Talk to you on Monday!

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