Friday, 6 March 2015

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“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

If I were to attempt to start thanking everyone who helped, participated or attended the Coffee Morning to launch the fundraising side of the 12 marathons in 12 months; two things would happen. I would forget people and this would be a very, very long blog post. I hope I thanked you all individually and publically for the above and will do so again when any of us meet. I have been blessed with a selective memory :) , I will remember who was there and did what they did and how we raised over €300 on raffle and coffee alone!

Thanks to you all it has bean (see what I did there) a steaming hot (stop me someone) success. The photo's taken by participants, Anna Hurkowska and Pat from Munster Images are testament to that. Lots of awareness was raised thanks to you all but also thanks to Mike O'Connor from Limerick city Community Radio (who have been there since day 1) and Anne Sheridan of the Limerick Leader. Much to my delight the challenge got the headline on the backpage of this weekend's city edition of the Limerick Leader.

Now the time has come to start tackling this challenge on 3 fronts and as I mentioned yesterday I can't do this all alone so I'm going to need your skills to help.

Front 1 I have covered, that's the running bit. The mathematically minded amongst you might have spotted that there was 14 races on my documents yesterday. There should have obviously been 12, I mean 15. That is to cover for injuries but also a challenge that if I stay injury free, I will go the extra 26.2 miles a couple of times. For the right price!!!

Although straight after a Marathon weekend this week's training schedule has been Monday 6.21 miles, Tuesday 6.21 miles, Wednesday 6.21 Miles, Thursday 4.67 Miles (Was supposed to be a rest day but couldn't after the launch). I hope to do 6.21 today, 9ish Saturday and around 13 or 14 Sunday.

Front 2 is my next event. Next week I am asking for permission from the Great Limerick Run to hold a Q&A event for aspirant, beginning and fun runners around GLR. Once I get that I hope to build an expert panel on an evening after work for a small cover charge that will go straight to the charity! I'll let you know very soon how what and when.

Front 3 is where I need most help right now. It has 2 aspects.
1- Anyone can run any race this year anywhere and get sponsored to run as part of the 12in12 campaign for Gorta Self Help Africa. I have loads of sponsorship cards ready for you all. If you or anyone you know is running a race this year and want to do it for a charity all they need to do is call, text or email me and I will take it from there. RUNNING MILES WITH SMILES FOR GORTA SELF HELP AFRICA!

2- For my races I have corporate sponsorship opportunities for €100, €250 and €500. The 3 promotions are:

1- €100 Mention on My Blog once a month as a sponsor with link to your Website or Social Media account.

2- €250 Mention once a week on my Blog as a Sponsor with link to your Website or Social Media account + 1 Article in the year on your business in my Blog and on my Social Media + Logo on arm of t-shirt from Marathon number 4 to Marathon 12 + other races I take part in during the year + Mention in Self Help Africa newsletter.

3- €500 Mention once a week on my Blog as a Sponsor with link to your Website or Social Media account + Article from your business on my Social Media and promoting your events once a month + Logo on front or back of t-shirt from Marathon number 4 to Marathon 12 + other races I take part in during the year + Mention in SHA newsletter as main sponsor + Pictures with Patrick + 1 x 2 hr Motivational talk by Patrick to your Business/Organisation.

With hat in mind I would like to ask you to start networking and if you could get me in front of people I will sell it to them!

Have a wonderful weekend all. I am off for a coffee at Harpers in the milk Market for Lunch today. In case you are looking for me! Have a great weekend!

Remember it's Miles with Smiles and Donations can be made at

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