Monday, 9 March 2015

Them Tackies look lovely on you!

Only sport I watched over the weekend was some of the European Indoors Championships Athletics. Mark English got a Silver for Ireland in the Men's 800m. Nafi Thiam in the Women's Heptathlon and Dylan Borlée in the Men's 400m both won Silver for Belgium. Then at the last event of the games Julien Watrin and Dylan, Kevin and Jonathan Borlée (3 brothers) won Gold for Belgium in the Men's 4x400m!

Apart from the 2nd half of Shamrock Rovers v St Patrick's Athletic on Friday that was all my TV watching for the entire weekend :)

I have other things that preoccupy me now. Things I enjoy doing and that have me learning continuously. And contributing beyond myself. While nearly always just doing things I love. Running long distance taught me that. There is nearly never a point in putting a lot of energy in stuff you don't want to do or that isn't right for you.

You see running is no longer a sport for me, nor is it something I do separately. It is part of a selfish lifestyle. One that is concentrating around being the best me I can be, because that selfishness means I can contribute to others with more energy. There is only me doing what I want to without being told when, how and where. Running gives that freedom to you if you let it. All that is needed is to carry that line through to life as mush as possible and let it all be one.

Doug Larson is quoted as saying: "Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible."

My 2 challenges for 2015 are on track. 2 months = 2 marathons. Tralee International Marathon next Sunday to make it 3 in 3! The 2nd challenge I mentioned here before is there to support the first one. To run a total in training and races together of 2,015 miles in 2015 or 5.52 miles every day for the whole year. Last year I ran 1,189 miles or 3.2 per day and that was a record. By yesterday I was supposed to be on 369.84 miles and I'm actually on 406.49 or 36.65 miles ahead of schedule.

I feel grateful and privileged to be able to do both and that I get to run most days. Really grateful. And I wanted to celebrate that gratefulness so I got me some new Tackies (I'm in Limerick long enough now to call 'em that) for Tralee! Asics GT 2000! Woohoo!

So this weekend coming all roads lead to Tralee International Marathon. Talk to you Friday again on how you can help with the charity drive. Meantime it's Miles with Smiles and donations to

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