Friday, 20 March 2015

Pain can be beautiful too!

I'm sitting here typing this with my shoes off. Thankfully this is written in the semi darkness of a solar eclipse and I'm alone in this office. :) The reason is that I have a very persistent niggle on the outside left of my Achilles on the left foot. I had it before Tralee, in fact I've had it for a few weeks. The previous 'tackies' had completely worn out and I didn't replace them in time. FACT.

Learning: My running gear is as important as my body!
Whether that is in sport, business or personal life. You need to take care of the externals as well as the internals to succeed! And thanks to Verette and her weightwatchers clients I got my next 2 pairs of 'tackies' sponsored!! (See last Monday's blog).

Anyways, the people that know me, know I am becoming more single minded and determined every day to live life to the fullest possible in each moment. For the moment in sports that means running a minimum of 12 Marathons in 12 months as well as running 2015 miles in 2015. 2 excellent challenges. Both are well on track. 3 Marathons in the first 3 months and 39 miles ahead of target in the 2015 challenge.

So I got an Achilles issue a few weeks back after Lough Derg and before Tralee. I told nobody. Mainly for selfish reasons. I didn't want to hear their well meant 'take care now' 'don't over do it' 'get that seen to' messages. They would stick in the back of my head and affect my preparations.

So Tralee hurt but didn't kill me. And I had a comfortable race with for me a Top 5 Marathon time!!

Learning: The mind is a powerful tool. Use it well and your success rates will sky rocket!

So the Achilles is still hurting. And yet I'm doing 50 minute 10K's the last 2 nights. And I haven't gotten it seen too. I'll know when. I'm getting to know my body. And I like it. It gets me to do things that 10 years ago I though were not possible. Not only that, I would have told you I could never achieve this. Ever. In a Million years.

But I am. Just because I can. And because I decided I wanted to. It became a WHY. And when your Why is strong, your mind runs your body. And your mind is a powerful tool.

Another 10K tonight, 9 miles tomorrow, 14 miles Sunday. That's the plan. I'm getting the mind to tell the body in a minute. I hope it's ready :)

I have also gotten a promise of a first Company Sponsor this week. I'll let you know on Monday obviously with details of the Company!!!

In the mean time, thanks for reading and sharing the Midweek Blog and thanks for all your encouragements. Online, by text and beeping the car horns when meeting me out training. They all count and I hear them all.

Have a wonderful weekend, Miles with Smiles!!!!!

You can donate for this Challenge to Gorta Self Help Africa on

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