Monday, 23 March 2015

Admitting temporary defeat, passing the €1,000 milestone and gaining friends!

I knew it was a distinct possibility. I knew I had to be vigilant. I knew everything I did was overlapping. I knew. All it took was a slip of concentration on one detail. You see I have asymmetrical feet, enough for it to affect the time I get out of any pair of shoes I buy. So I check my running gear usage and a reminder to change gear as a result of distances covered should pop up. I changed how I logged my distances covered and simply forgot to attach a reminder to it.

I calculated over the weekend I did 4 times (!!) the distance with this pair of 'tackies' I should have. I should have spotted it from the wear on them but didn't as I was enjoying my daily runs and slowly doubling the mileage compared to last year. I got a new pair 2 weeks ago but it was too late. My Achilles is complaining loudly. I felt it before Tralee and ran through it and ran 4 x 10K's last week as well. On Saturday morning I had to admit defeat.

I'm out, injured. I know it's a first world problem but it's my world and not running is not fun! I'm looking after it now but can't tell you yet how long it will be for. I'll monitor it this week and decide on what happens as I go along. I'm determined to do the Connemarathon in 20 days though, that's a definite aim!

My only run this weekend was a 10K Friday evening and it was in 52 minutes. That's good!

And I've excellent news too!!!! We have gone over the first €1,000 standing at €1,127 (THANKS everybody) and I've gotten my first Business Sponsor! I've known Patricia Irwin for about 5 years now through BNI, a business networking organisation. Patricia runs Ring O'Roses, Limerick's Premier online florist at Patricia has a shop located at Melrose Court near the Milk Market for a good few years now. If I were to put all the testimonials I got about her on this blog I would have no space left for anything else. :) Personally I've had bouquets designed by Patricia and her team delivered in places like Dáil Éireann and the FAI. And as she has designs for every budget I've had them at home as well :)

Patricia and her business are moving at the end of this week to Kilteragh in Dooradoyle near the Crescent Shopping Centre and Garryowen Rugby Club. Above is a pic with all the contact details. I would like to thank Patricia for sponsoring my challenge and would like to urge everyone to give your support to Patricia and Ring O'Roses for all your Floristry needs; thank you's, weddings, funerals, birthdays, gifts, presentations etc.....!!! Here's the Facebook account for the Business!

If your or your friends business or your company wants weekly exposure just like Patricia will get via my blog and social media then contact me on 083-3008963 or at There are options at €100, €250 and €500.

In the meantime you can assist with my mental recovery from injury by donating small amounts (€12, €1 per marathon or whatever amount you want) at

Up to the €2,000 and Miles with Smiles!!!!!

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