Friday, 19 June 2015

7 steps on how to make sure all your limits have short life spans!!

I haven't gone for a run since Portumna Forest Marathon last Saturday. The ankle went sore on me and the idea of having to pop the bone back into place again didn't appeal to me.

It is normally really hard for me not to run for more than 1 or 2 days. This time it was easier. Not easy, easier. Because my body felt tired and in need of recovery. Because I did as many Marathons in 140 days as I did in my record year in 2014 in 365 days. And I am only just under half way to my target. Pushing the limits but mixed with a bit of clever and self awareness.

I have planned 6 runs for the next 6 days and will let you know Monday how tonight, Saturday and Sunday went :) 10K, 15K and another 15K hopefully. Pushing the limits constantly thinking of moving forward.

Funny things are limits. If you relentlessly move forward, even one step at a time, the limits get in on the moving act. In 2008 I ran 1 Marathon, in 2010 I ran 2, 2013 was my first year doing 4, 2014 saw me complete 7 and now in my 12 Marathons in 12 months year for Gorta Self Help Africa the limits moved within that year from 12 to a target of 16.

So for your benefits here's the 7 steps I use to move the goalposts and stretch my limits in sport, business and life:

1- I visualise what would be a really cool thing to achieve that also frightens me as I think about it.
2- I write down all the reasons why it frightens me and what might go wrong.
3- I try and meet with/read about people who have achieved what I want to do and get answers to all the points in number 2 :)
4- I make the decision to do it!
5- I tell all my supportive friends and family what I'm doing (accountability)
6- I focus on enjoying the journey
7- I achieve and repeat the process on moving the goalposts again!

Hope this helps and/or inspires you to try. If you have any questions please contact me on Facebook or Twitter

Have a wonderful limit smashing weekend and talk Monday.

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