Friday, 26 June 2015

Breaking through boundaries in Waterford!

It seems longer than 4 weeks since Cork Marathon and 2 weeks since Portumna Forest. The body is feeling it as well. In the middle of 5 Marathons in 8 weeks. Did I prepare to the best of my ability? No is the answer, I need to do more core and improve nutrition. Am I getting better at it and getting closer to the best of my ability? Yes. It's a journey and I'm loving the trip.

A couple of hours after writing this I'm travelling to The Déise to take part in the 

I have only been to Waterford twice. Once to give a motivational talk in the Tower Hotel and the second time last December to run a PB (Personal Best) for the Half Marathon organised by Waterford AC. Both events went really well. I like Waterford :)

This is also a weekend of Firsts! 3 milestones are reached in 1 weekend:
1- It's the 25th marathon of my young life. :) A 1/4 century which will see me getting a medal by Marathon Club Ireland at one of my next races!
2- My record number of Marathons in any year is 2014 with 7. Tomorrow will be my 8th for 2015!
3- It's my first time doing 3 Marathons in the same calendar month. Cork was June 1st, Portumna Forest the 13th and Waterford tomorrow the 27th.

I reflect back as I do often on my first run on a cold February day in 2008. I jogged for 0.75 miles and had to walk back home. I cried that day. How unfit was I?? How was I going to run 26.2 Miles at Dublin Marathon that October??? The answer was really simple: by running 1 Mile the next day!

And now in 2015 I am enjoying running my 3rd Marathon in 1 month! I'm not just telling you this to show off. I'm telling you this because of the awareness that we are self limiting creatures. We constantly think smaller than what we can actually do.

What is your 0.75 miles? What thing would you like to achieve? What one step can you take towards doing the thing you always wanted to but thought beyond your limits? As we say in MCI, 'dare greatly' and take that 0.75 step today!!

Your potential is limitless. I'm reminded of one of my favourite running posters:

As for me I'm going to enjoy my weekend trip and the run from Waterford to Tramore Beach and back. At whatever pace I manage. Knowing that I am already thinking of shifting my limits again for 2016.

I'll talk to you Monday with a race report. For now please if you can sponsor my chosen charity Gorta Self Help Africa on

Chalk it down boy!

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