Monday, 8 June 2015

Limerick based man reveals the secret to 'getting in the flow'.

Getting in the flow is the feeling you get when you 'persistently do what you are passionate about to the best of your ability'. That's my quote for you for life. Find your passions and then let them consume you. Immerse yourself in them. Persistently and consistently. 24/7. In the NOW. That's how living can be done.

In the flow means you don't need a break because everything you do is life and who needs a break from life? In the flow can be perceived by others as hard work. To you it is mere passionate fun. You do it because you can. Because you want to. Because it drives your internal engine. Because it is you.

One of my passions is running. It consumes me. I live it. That means going to bed at 10.30-ish every night, including the weekends. That means getting up at 7am in the weekends. That means eating better than most. It means running 6 days a week. It means no alcohol for me. It means controlling my sugar intake. It means not watching that much TV.

And yet every step is 'in the flow'. Every mile is a gift I give myself. Every ounce of me wants it. It is my space, my joy, my peace of mind, my relaxation. This last week I ran 60.21 miles, that's 96 kilometres and included a Marathon race on Monday and a Half Marathon in training yesterday. In The Flow!

Guess what, you can do that with most things in life! Give yourself the gift of discovering your passions and immersing yourself in them. Give me a shout on if you want more info on how to do this.

This week I'm probably running 10K's on Monday to Wednesday and then start preparing for Marathon number 7 of my 12(16) Marathons in 12 months challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa, the Portumna Forest Marathon which takes place this Saturday at 12 Noon.

You can donate to Gorta Self Help Africa on

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