Sunday, 21 June 2015

Weekends are for love and passion!

As I am writing this at 6.15 am on a Monday morning I am reflecting on the weekend just gone. How different it was from the weekends I used to have. And about choices that have become easy and almost natural to make.

A few short years back my weekends would have consisted of chilling, not doing much, watching a few sports games, going to a party, having a few beers. I pretty much lived for the weekends.

Then I discovered running. At around the same time I was introduced to personal development. And over time they have become my 2 passions. The change has been slow as my previous reality was determined not to make way for the new stuff easily. But the change was constant and is now winning hands over fist. And as a result I now run Marathons and run a Coaching, Mentoring and Training practice. Which I am turning into a business.

You see everything in life includes a choice. You choose your reaction. Like this weekend. I was tired on Friday evening. I had some long working days during the week and had completed 2 marathons already this month. Yet somehow I still laced up and ran a 10K in training. I made the choice to follow my passion even though it wasn't easy. And I enjoyed every step.

I went to bed at 11pm. A choice. To get up at 7am. By choice. To have breakfast early and go for a 7.2 mile run. Then head to the market for Lunch and the office and do some work on the business for the afternoon. One passion followed by a second. Good choice. I also went to the Polish/Slavic Midsummer Night festival in the afternoon and was asked to come back later for the band and party. I didn't. I would have dearly loved to meet some of the people again yet I made a choice. I have a Marathon on Saturday next. Time for bed at 10.30pm.

To get up at 7am Sunday. For breakfast and a 9.5 mile run in excellent weather conditions (overcast, drizzly rain and a slight breeze) ;) Then back to the office for the afternoon after a stop at the market for Lunch. Instead of going to the Limerick v Tipp Hurling game, or even watching it. By choice. And then to the leaba at 10.30pm.

On all 3 nights I took some time to peruse social media and read articles on running and self development while also listening to some music and watching a show on street food in Osaka, Japan. And a documentary on Portland, Oregon.

To lots of people this might sound like a boring weekend. Yet I loved every minute of it. It was filled with my passions. Running, Food, Personal Development and Travel. I would do it again in a heartbeat. And will. By choice.

This Friday coming I will travel to The Déise where I will take part in my first Waterford Viking Marathon on Saturday.

This will be number 8 this year as part of my 12 Marathons in 12 months challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa.

You can support me with donations for the challenge on

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