Friday, 2 October 2015

Greetings from Brussels!

This blog is taking me twice as long to type. The reason is that I am in Brussels, Belgium for Number 13 of the 12 Marathons in 12 Months for Gorta Self Help Africa.

For all the smarty pants out there it is not that Belgians use smokesignals for broadband nor that I consumed too many Waffles and Stella. :) It's just that I'm typing this on an AZERTY keyboard ;)

When I was compiling the list of races for the Challenge, Brussels Marathon was one of the first on it. I never ran a Marathon in my native country and it would be extra nice seen it goes through the village where the Mammy lives.

Landed at Zaventem (main Brussels Airport) yesterday Thursday lunchtime. Here's 3 slightly controversial and in jest observations since I arrived that will stop me from moving back to live in Belgium.

1- I prefer the colder weather and rain (I really do). It's October and early 20's in the sun here for feck's sake.
2- The food. I'm a food lover and if you are too Belgium will excite you. The food is rich, tasty, complex yet simply divine. Like yesterday I had a Trappist Beer soaked Rabbit Stew and on tonight's menu is Chicory wrapped in Ham covered in a White Cheese Sauce finsihed in the oven. See pic. I would gain weight living here so no good :)

3- Can all Belgians please take note. Irish people are infinitely friendlier. And I mean infinitely. I had spotted that when on holidays in France this year as well. I am privileged to live in Ireland amongst the friendliest of people you can meet anywhere.

On the running front I went for 6.3 miles yesterday to shake of the flight and took in some of the course doing so. Not flat this course but a few lovely parks combined with urban gems and buildings spanning several centuries. More about this in next week's race report.

Today is rest day, tomorrow Expo and number collection. Sunday 9am start at this beautiful place. "Cinquantenaire Park panorama" by Redvers -

This was built to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Belgium's independence in 1880. It is now also the impressive start line of the Marathon and where the Expo is held.

Right I'm signing off after a full hour of trying to get this typed up :) Talk to you Monday or Tuesday with the Race Report.

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  1. Welcome back. Enjoy the 42k :)
    The après-run will also be Belgian-style.

    1. Thanks Ingmar, enjoyed the après-run too :)
      Next Race is Dublin in 19 days :)