Friday, 23 October 2015

Dublin is calling!

For the 7th time in 8 years (injury prevented me taking part in 2009) the October Bank Holiday weekend is Dublin Marathon weekend for me. I have not ran any race more often than this one. It was my first marathon in 2008. It will be my 31st on Monday.

7th Dublin Marathon, 14th this year, 31st in Total

The first 15 or so were always nerve wrecking events. Did I train enough? What was the weather going to be like? Have I packed everything? Am I sleeping enough? Am I eating the right food? How will I get to the start? Was that niggle going to act up? Etc Etc.....

I finished every single one of them though! I have so far never DNF'ed (Did Not Finish). And I started to relax in my running. Running became part of everyday life. It became a habit. Something you do in your day like taking a shower or putting on clothes. Something natural, unforced.

That's what happens when you love something, it becomes natural. As I mentioned in one of my last blogs, when you let something flow you will get better at it and enjoy it more. So my mileage is up, I'm definitely enjoying it more, am relaxed about it and am thinking about Ultra running from next year as I am not the fastest but have a Forrest Gump kind of feeling about endurance running.

Starting with Ultra running next year like Forrest??

Unforced, natural, living the passion and embracing it. You can do that with anything in life. Your gift becomes a habit. And it keeps on giving and you can pass it on to others to enjoy.

So know I am totally relaxed about Marathons and it shows. I still totally respect the 26.2 mile distance yet there are no worries or nerves. Just anticipation of a fun filled day. Because Dublin Marathon is called the 'friendly' marathon for a reason. The citizens of the pale show their best side every year as they come out in tens of thousands to support the 15,000 runners.

I'm looking forward to it. Naturally. Number 14 of my 12 marathons in 12 months in 2015 challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa. See yiz Monday at 9 in Fitzwilliam Street and about 4 to 4.30 hours later in Merrion Square!!!

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