Monday, 12 October 2015

Sure if it was this easy....

Everyone would do it.

It has been a tough enough week training wise. The pep was not in the step. The lead up to runs was packed jammers with 'Should I not rest just 1 day?' 'Ah look it, just the one day missed won't make a difference' and other excuses such as 'my preferred running gear is in the dryer'. The legs were heavy. The joints were creaking. Enough excuses to write a procrastination book with.

But I got through it. I took Monday off after Brussels Marathon and then ran 6 days on the trot covering just over 46 miles. And I have 6 runs planned for this week as well. Dublin Marathon is only 14 days away.

How did I not give in to all the excuses???? Even for just one day????

Simples. Because of a very strong Why. And because of the love I have for running. Once the 1st mile gone it always turns out that running was the right decision.

Passion and Purpose. The 2 ingredients to make anything work for you. If you love doing something and you are doing it for the right reasons all that is left is immersion and action.

And living in the present. Taking your eye of maybe's, tomorrows and worries.

And that goes for anything in life. Do what you love for the right reason and immerse your self in that in every moment. That's called true living.

I have done that with running and am now doing it with work. What I love doing most with passion and purpose every moment.

In running my base used to be 25-30 miles a week. Then through following this process it moved to 35 miles a week. Now it is hovering around 45 miles a week. Without pressure, without forcing. A nice base to start thinking about Ultra's next year. And to get to 50 in '16. In the flow.

This week is a training week running wise, should be around 45ish miles. With a smile. In the flow. You see, it isn't easy all the time. But I'm getting better. At living in the now!

Have a purposeful week!!


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