Monday, 23 February 2015

50 days, time warps and running interviews!

I was travelling on Friday last and didn't Blog! And now I have so much to say I shouldn't be wasting space typing intro's like these :)

I travelled to Dublin on Friday as I was attending a seminar at 8am on Saturday morning that was to last 10 hours and it only felt like 3 or 4 it was that good! If any of the people reading this Blog ever get a chance to attend an event with Gerry Duffy as the main speaker or one of his seminars; I have only 1 word for you, GO! Gerry is known for his 2 books on his sporting achievements; 'Who Dares, Runs' & 'Tick, Tock, Ten'. The first one is about him and Ken Whitelaw running 32 marathons in 32 consecutive days in 32 counties in Ireland. The second about winning a Deca Ironman, that is 10 Ironman distances in 10 consecutive days.

Nowadays Gerry is a motivational speaker and this was my 2nd time going to his DECA Goal Setting Seminar. I know everything Gerry told me on Saturday; yet his passion, focus and energy make me focus and strategise better. It's easier doing this with someone's help. We all need help and I use Gerry's seminars to help me focus for the year ahead.

This means I now have a clear vision and strategies for achievement and for the first time ever I actually believe I can achieve more than I thought possible. I just need to use my time better. So no more time for anything at all that is of no use to me achieving what I want to. Every minute counts!

All that was needed was someone's help. No matter who you are, you could probably do with some help. So who do you use? Personally I love helping my clients do the same.

Gerry is also an Ultra Runner, which leads me to the running side of this blog post. This was my running week:
Monday 6.21 Miles, Tuesday 7.2, Wednesday 6.21, Thursday 6.21, Friday 6.5, Saturday 0, Sunday 11.12. Weekly total: 43.45 miles. 2015 so far: 311.79 Miles! I am doing an average of 10-15 miles more a week than last year and am loving it. 99% of the time I am really looking forward to it.

Yet Friday was tough, I arrived in the Hotel in Dublin late afternoon and it was getting dark and I am not familiar with Santry. So I went to the Gym and used the treadmill. I hate treadmills!!!! The proof that I am determined to succeed lies in my WHY. It is bigger than any obstacle so far. And so it was Friday AND Sunday.

I stayed on the treadmill for just over an hour and knocked up 6.5 miles! Score! Yesterday Sunday I was being interviewed by Mike O'Connor of Limerick City Community Radio at 9am. They use the 99.9FM frequency and have a full schedule of programs Saturday and Sunday.

Mike has the 'My kind of Limerick People' program on Sunday morning and wanted to talk about the 12 Marathons in 12 months challenge and the Coffee morning in the George Boutique Hotel on Thursday the 5th of March between 10am & Noon.

I told Mike I would incorporate the interview in my Sunday run. I woke up Sunday morning at 6.30 am to the beautiful sound of rain belting against the windows. Regular readers know I looovveee rain for running. I was however conscious I would be sitting down in wet clothes for 30 minutes for the interview and that I had a marathon in 6 days! I was offered a lift and to go running after the interview. Up to a couple of months ago I would have taken the offer.

Now however I have a big huge WHY! So I layered up with one extra coating of t-shirt, tracksuit bottom and monkey hat and set off on the 4.25 miles to Southill where the station is based in Tait House. When I arrived the looks of bewilderment on the radio staff's faces made me smile. I'm doing it right, I thought.

I was able to dry down and removed the outer layer to stay dry for the interview. It went well enough even though I did forget some things but I learn from that, it was my first interview after all. Thanks to Mike and Limerick City Community Radio for the opportunity.

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got. So to achieve you need to do things differently. Today Monday it is 50 days since I last had a drop of alcohol. Even though I was not a big drinker, the difference it makes to a body is huge. Better sleep, clearer focus, easier weight control, clarity of mind, physically capable of more etc...

Next on my list is my nutrition. I have a plan worked out for moving to Paleo based nutrition for performance from March 1st. I won't use substances, only real food. The plan is there, thanks Gerry Duffy as it is during his seminar it was formed.

On Friday I will give you details about the upcoming events and I will be 24 hours from my 2nd Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual you can donate on

Have a wonderful week!!!!!!

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