Monday, 9 February 2015

A different kind of Foggy Dew!

Sacrifices are not really sacrifices if you enjoy what you do instead of what you leave behind! I have in my Coaching practice often heard people talk about giving things up. What has worked most effectively for them is to pick something else up instead and through action forget about what you are giving up.

To concentrate on what I want to achieve this year, 12 Marathons in 12 Months, I knew I had to leave some things behind. Gone is all alcohol, even the one glass with dinner or the pint watching a match. Gone are the late nights watching stuff on Netflix. Instead it is mugs of tea, bottles of water and bed at 10.30pm 7 nights a week. I have to concentrate on better food next :)

What I get in return is priceless. I sleep better, am more productive, feel alert, am definitely 100% alive, spot opportunities faster, train easier and I am getting stronger. Much stronger.

The only Foggy Dew for me this weekend therefore was that of the weather variety on Sunday. When I set off before 11am it was 0 degrees and there was a dense fog in Limerick that never lifted. It added mystical proportions to my 16 mile run through back roads in Gillogue in Clare over to the gorgeous UL campus and back into the city for another spin on it's empty streets.

The previous day I had done a 9 Mile run in 8min10 miles without flinching. I thought I would suffer on Sunday, it being only 2 weeks after a Marathon. But no, I felt comfortable enough throughout the 2 Hours 20 it took me. I am definitely getting stronger. So giving up has again meant picking up good stuff in return. I completed my first 50 Mile week of the year in the process.

This week will be a challenge as it's my birthday and I am going for a meal Thursday and maybe a music session afterwards. The thoughts of the 30 odd Miles of bliss planned for the weekend should make it easy to stay alcohol free for this too. :)

Have a great week and see you Friday where I might have some news on a launch event for my charity drive. In the mean time you can donate on

I have also made it to the Gorta Self Help Africa website with my running. Check the article on

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