Friday, 27 February 2015

If it's Friday, this must be ........

It's been one of those weeks where I caught up with the speed of light, passed it and left it behind. It dawned on me this afternoon that it was Friday and I have my 2nd Marathon in about 18 hours.

That's the other side of the challenge medal, time! I am self employed and trying to establish a business, running the 12 marathons, learning Spanish, writing a book, supposedly doing a theory exam on March 11th and engaging in another 3 projects I'm keeping under wraps for the moment. I am conscious of making time for all of these. Sometimes the week just flies by. Like this week.

Every minute of it was enjoyable, yet I had no time for most projects. And so Friday comes all of a sudden. It's 3.50pm now and I need to go in relaxed mode for the night in preparation of Marathon number 2 of the 12 in 12 months in 2015 for Gorta Self Help Africa.

Superb news is I get to meet all of my MCI (Marathon Club Ireland) buddies at the Marathon. They are the most positive bunch of people imaginable and it is a privilege running marathons with them! Hopefully I receive one of these medals again in 24 hours!

Monday I will tell you all about Marathon number 2, how it is only 2 weeks to number 3 and about the coffee morning next Thursday the 5th of March between 10am and noon in the George Boutique Hotel. Keep it in your diaries.

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