Monday, 17 August 2015

It's all about relaxing into it!

The power of words. A few of them put together in a short sentence. Uttered without thinking about it too much. Gone and forgotten about. Inconsequential. Next sentence please!

Only for someone else to pick up those words and get an AHA moment. What you just said has become a shining light in their mind. Even better they decide to run with it (pardon the pun) and it makes a huge difference to them. And then they say thank you for something you didn't think mattered too much when you said it. Saying thank you like I'm doing here today.

A number of weeks ago news got around our club that Collette O'Hagan was getting interviewed on Dundalk FM to celebrate a 300 Marathon achievement. I always made a point to listen to people who know more than me. Collette is always supportive and open for questions. Top human being!

Collette O'Hagan in full flow!
I listened to the interview on podcast. It was a very nice story with loads of great information for runners of all ilk. And then the sentence. The interviewer asked about injuries from running that much. Collette's answer was that she 'simply relaxes into her runs'. Relaxing into your runs prevents injuries????

Light bulb on in my head. I have never relaxed into my runs. I have relaxed during my runs but not into them. Simple words in a short sentence. I must try that!!

Cue a number of weeks later. Yesterday was my 17th run in 19 days. Whereas before I used to run 5 days a week on average, that's 15 in 21 for you maths nerds :)  Also I have come from 30 to 35-ish miles per week to last week doing 46 miles and holding back a bit! I just had to learn to relax INTO my runs.

Here's my learning for this week. Seek out someone who has excelled in what you are trying to achieve. Ask them for an hour of their time or read their book or blog. Listen to a podcast with them or follow them on social media. And then simply shut up and listen. The clue could be in a very small sentence.

Thanks Collette for speaking that small sentence!

My next Marathon, number 11 of the 12 Marathons in 12 months for Gorta Self Help Africa is on in 12 days in Craughwell, Co. Galway. After yesterday's epic Hurling result there will be great atmosphere in Galway!! And I will relax into that race!

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