Monday, 24 August 2015

Running from Limerick to Warsaw or Rome!

That's the milestone I reached this week. Combining all my training and races I have gone past the 2,000 Kilometre mark. In fact this Monday morning the counter is at 1,281 miles or 2,061 Kms. In a straight line that is running from Limerick to Rome or Warsaw.

The most I had ever run in a year was 1,911 Kms last year. Now I have gone past 2,000 and it's just the end of August! I'm not telling you this to boost my ego. It is to show that when you have a clear focus and there is a reason or purpose attached to that focus you can achieve so much more. That 1,911kms took a lot out of me last year. The 2,000+ this year has less so. While I'm not sure I will get to 3,000 this year I envisage I will at some stage soon for 1 calendar year.

Enough about that. I also had the pleasure and privilege to run the second half of the Great Limerick Run route with Noel Mccarthy last Tuesday. Noel finished running a stunning 6 Marathons in 6 Days in 6 Munster counties challenge on Saturday in Tralee. He did Clare on Monday, Limerick Tuesday, Tipperary on Wednesday, Waterford Thursday, Cork Friday and Kerry Saturday. And all for Bumbleance, the free children's ambulance service. Great cause, great man!!! Well done Noel and thank you for letting me be part of the Tuesday run.

On O'Connell Street with Noel Mccarthy at the end of his 2nd Marathon of the 6in6. I just ran the second half of the GLR route with him. Respect Noel!

Here's a link to a Limerick Leader article by Anne Sheridan on his visit to our Treaty City!

I'm using running as a learning station for my business and my life. I learn so much from it that is applicable elsewhere. For instance when you have a clear focus and a purpose in whatever it is you do, you will automatically what I like to call 'level up'. And that levelling up is individual. I have no clear focus on going faster, if that happens to be a by product of running more great yet it is not the focus. The focus is testing myself to see how FAR I can take this while keeping the love for it alive.

I have started watching documentaries and video's on Ultra running and sporting adventures. I have started listening to podcasts and reading Ultra running blogs. How far can I go while staying in love with running and keeping it as part of a balanced lifestyle? First steps to be taken next year trying some of the shorter Ultra distances. More about this soon!!!!

On the running front this week it is just 3 times 10K Monday to Wednesday and then Marathon number 11 Saturday morning in Craughwell, Co. Galway with loads of my MCI running buddies!!!!

You can donate for the 12 Marathons in 12 Months challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa on

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