Monday, 1 February 2016

Milford 10K and the realisation everything is easier when you stop chasing.

I took 2 days off from running and 3 days from what I do. My body and mind needed a wee break. I filled the time mostly with other things I love and that are good for me. On Friday I was collecting my new passport in Dublin so I took the train. I love travel and people and the train does both very well.

I love reading so I did that too. The book I am reading is 'Once a Runner', a novel by John L. Parker Junior about a man's quest to become a Champion Miler. It is an excellent book that reads easily and I'm doing well not to return to it right now and finish it before any more work gets done. I recommend it to anyone with even a vague interest in running.

I meditated and allowed space to be with myself. Those of you that know me might be surprised to hear my favourite moments are spent in silence with just myself doing absolutely nothing but be. I did that too.

And my body and mind reacted to all this lovely stuff. It let me know that I was once again chasing stuff. I was chasing ideas, chasing being right, chasing what others are doing, chasing miles, chasing recognition.

So that's why I needed a break. Not because I was tired, because I was not being me.

Strange how that happens. I suppose the world around me wants me to do all this. We are constantly being reminded we do not have enough, or not the right things, or the right way of thinking. I was reminded off this when I saw an ad on TV where a middle aged man beams a smile of pure contentment after buying car insurance on his smartphone. Fake is the new real.

And it affects everyone.

I'm grand now. I am aware this will keep happening. I am also aware what I want to do with life right now and how I want to do it for now.

I'll try to stop chasing as much as I can, just being will do. Just being me even more. And hopefully I can inspire others to be themselves a bit more. And stop chasing worthless crap all the time. Or even worse other people's approval. Or living life through others.

When I stop chasing all becomes easier. That's how I ended up clocking 238 miles of running in January. I had no total in mind. Just run as much as I can, for as long as I can, as far as I can, as long as I love it. That's the intention.

I took part in the Milford 10K on the beautiful grounds of the University of Limerick yesterday. All proceeds go to Milford Care Centre, read more about this excellent service here

It was a wet and windy morning so I decided to warm up and warm down by running the 4.25 or so miles from home to the start and back. I thoroughly enjoyed running this. There was 1,700 people taking part and the atmosphere was great. I met with a bunch of running pals who regularly do 10K's and that was great too. As mentioned the grounds of UL are gorgeous and that contributed equally to a great Sunday afternoon.

The next race is on Saturday. A full Marathon with the wonderful people of Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon in gorgeous West Cork and my buddies of Marathon Club Ireland and hopefully Team Kerr. More about this on Friday!

In the mean time take some time this week to be just you. You might like it!

Miles with Smiles,

Patte xxxx

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