Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Stop trying so hard to be successful!

Most people crave it. They seek it in themselves and in others. To be like the heroes in their Rugby club or the Premiership Club they follow or the Band they listen to or the Film Stars they adore.

They would like to emulate that success they see others have in their career, business, college degree, sport, art. Because then they will be happy! So the desire to succeed is a desire for happiness.

Even when power is the outcome of success, that power is designed to create happiness. As such we do not crave success, we crave happiness. And peace of mind.

The vast majority of us though find real happiness to be illusory as a concept. You can't be happy most of the time, this is 'the real world'. So we settle for external manifestations of success to create a happiness feeling. When we get a promotion and a larger pay package, we are happy. When we sign a big client for our business, we are happy. When that cute person in the bar asks us out, we feel happy. When we are able to buy the new car, pay the mortgage, go on an exotic holiday, eat in our favourite restaurants; we are happy.

The issue with searching for happiness through external factors is that these are all transient. As in they can be taken away in a moment. Our entire source of happiness can be gone in a single instant, forever. Then what do we do?

True happiness is internal. It is a way of life, a state of mind. Sadness is part of that state of mind. As is elation and frustration. To name but a few. The way you feel comes from within. It is your choice and decision.

When you decide that whatever happens, you will simply do the best you can in any given moment; you will find happiness in that.

When you decide that you are going to do more of what you love and less of what you tolerate or dislike; you will find happiness in that.

When you decide to contribute more of your unique gift to make others lives better; you will find happiness in that.

When you decide to be honest with your self and those around you; you will find happiness in that.

When you live an intentional life of purpose that serves both you and others; you will find happiness in that.

So next time someone is trying to sell you happiness via seminars or webinars or books or whatever way where they promise you increased, amazing or exceptional Success in Business or Life just ask your self the question if you want transient happiness or lasting happiness.

The choice is entirely yours. I know what I prefer and share!

Happy Wednesday.

Patte xxxx

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