Friday, 24 April 2015

Challenge to you: If you do this 1 thing I might not make you run! Promised!

The running update for this week is short and fast, just like my training runs. I'll write them in kilometres this once for the metrically minded amongst you :) Monday 10K in 51 minutes. Tuesday working until 8pm so no run. Wednesday 10K in 49minutes33, the first time I went under 50 minutes in training this year for 10K and I wasn't even going full tilt, WOOHOO!! Thursday 11.5K in 1hr00mins.

The plans for the weekend are a 7.5K tonight as I am going out (booze free) later. Saturday morning 15K and Sunday 24.5K. Sunday will be my last long run before Great Limerick Run Marathon 7 days later!! This will be marathon number 5 out of 12 marathons in 12 months.

And here's where I need your help. I'm leaving you 4 options. (Please note doing nothing is NOT a valid 5th option).
1- Run a race this year of any length and get sponsored as part of my 12marathonsin12months team for Gorta Self Help Africa (picture on this blog).
2- Collect a sponsorship card and materials from me and collect money from your friends for my challenge for Gorta Self Help Africa (mention on this blog).
3- Get businesses to take a call from me to discuss corporate sponsorship (packages available from me at 083-3008963 or )
4- Organise a fundraiser event with your club, network, organisation, office, sports and social, golf society etc... and I'll make an appearance and speak (I'm a motivational speaker).

So here's my wee challenge to all of you: Which of the 4 can you do??? Thanks in advance and talk to you Monday!!

In the mean time you can make donations to

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