Friday, 17 April 2015

What's next and Ring O'Roses Sponsor thank you.

I am back on the road after Connemara, 10K last night in blistering sunshine. The ones amongst you that follow me longest will now I love the Sun but not for running in. I'm an autumn and Winter runner. Rain, wind, snow, cold. ideal weather conditions :) Yet I love running way more than any weather conditions and the beauty is you can do it all year long.

By the way that beautiful course in Connemara seems to have sorted out my back. My knee and ankle issues are still there but a bit in the background right now. I think they'll be here for a while and I'm letting them as long as they behave :)

This weekend is a slow go weekend for me (yes I do them too). I have no idea what distances I'm doing and will see on the day. That means runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but undetermined in length. The Great Limerick Run Marathon is on in 2 weeks on Sunday the 3rd and I am looking forward to doing that totally relaxed and with no time in mind. Just for fun, the at home run. Taking it all in, our lovely Treaty City in all it's splendour. On Riverfest Weekend it shines brightly. And I feel grateful to live in it and now run in it.

Today I also wanted to spend some time talking about another gem in our gorgeous city. And a sponsor of the challenge. Someone you should get to know. Because you will need her at some stage if you live in Limerick. Be it for the next Birthday, the next time you have to say Sorry, the next Mothers day, Valentines day, Wedding or Funeral or other occasion where flowers are part of the answer.

In Limerick there is one florist that stands out from the crowd. Patricia Irwin from Ring O'Roses has delivered Quality through Design for years in her shop near the Milk Market. She has in recent weeks relocated to Dooradoyle and I urge you to support her through the move as 1-It will be the best quality product you can get in Limerick 2-You will be thanked by the person you give to and 3-Patricia is very involved in giving back to the community through charitable donations so you help with that contribution when you purchase from her. 4- You can purchase online as well.

Her other unique experience is for wedding couples, something Patricia is an expert in. She has the Studio in Kilteragh in Dooradoyle near the home so she can meet wedding couples weekends or after working hours. This makes a big difference and relieves the stress of having to take time off work etc... The Groom might even enjoy the trip :)

You can contact Patricia and Ring O'Roses at 061-411321, , or ringoroses on Facebook where she runs regular competitions and offers. Thanks Patricia for sponsoring the Challenge on behalf of Gorta Self Help Africa.

You can donate to the Challenge or look for sponsorship opportunities by contacting me on 083-3008963 or

Talk to you Monday with a running update!!!! Miles with Smiles from a Sunny Limerick!!!

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