Monday, 20 April 2015

When running becomes a lifestyle choice.

'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got'. Henry Ford is quoted as having said this. I firmly believe this to be true. If you want different results stop doing the same thing over and over again the same way.

I was running as a fitness thing from 2008, I started running with a purpose from 2013 on. Now in 2015 it is becoming a lifestyle choice. It is now something that is part of my core. Part of who I am. I don't have to run anymore, I get to. I don't have to pretend to enjoy it, I get to enjoy it. What does that mean?

Friday evening 6pm. Home after a very busy and rewarding week. Time to put the feet up? Nope, time to lace up and shake of the tiredness with a 10K run through the City. Followed by a Tapa's dinner with mugs of tea. Lights out at 11pm.

Saturday morning 7am. Rise and shine. Breakfast and mindfulness (breathing) exercise. Total peace. 11am. 10K run, trip for lunch to the happy, joyful place that is Limerick Milk Market and then into the office until 6.30pm. Bliss. Evening dinner stir fry and mugs of tea + can of coke (it's Saturday night after all :) )

Sunday morning 7.30am. Rise and shine. Breakfast and Breathing exercise and relaxation. Love to start the day at peace. 11am 12 mile run through County Clare, County Limerick and the City. Afternoon spent in back garden reading a business related book. Because I want to. Because I get to.

What you do should be as near to what you want to do as possible. Make choices that reflect who you want to be. Make decisions that will support your choices. That's how what you love becomes part of a lifestyle choice.

I feel privileged, humbled and grateful to be able to do this. Honoured Gorta Self Help Africa accepted my Challenge worthy of their great cause and work.

This week is a relaxed training week. I haven't mapped out the mileages and will run as I feel, probably somewhere around 40 Miles in total. You can find out more this Friday when I blog again. From a peaceful yet determined and purposeful Limerick, Have a great day!!!!

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