Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How Promises and Persistance destroy obstacles!

Monday the 6th of April, 1.30pm. Just back from a great weekend in the beautiful City of Kilkenny (you should visit, it's a great place for a weekend trip). I have a headache as a result of a toothache. I have a muscle strain in my back from I don't know what. This makes breathing uncomfortable. And I still have the Achilles strain. Time to relax in the back garden with a book.

After a 9.5 mile training run that is!!! I set out on a 6 Mile run, then revised mid-run to 7.2 miles then to 9.5 Miles. Why? Because I could. Because running relaxes my body. Because running acts as a natural remedy. Because humans are built to move, not to sit. Because I refuse to quit. Because I am privileged to be able to run. Because I love running and it is a passion of mine. Because it is good for me. Because I want to do it to the highest standard possible: To the Best of my Ability. Because I get to start Marathons at places like the one below. (Lough Inagh in Connemara is the start line for the Connemarathon Full Marathon next Sunday).

Even more so because I made a promise. I promised to run 12 marathons in 12 months for Gorta Self Help Africa. I promised to do the best I can to help them achieve much needed €'s to help create opportunities in Africa for smallholder farmers, tackling hunger and poverty through food production and rural enterprise.

I promised to myself that I would make every moment of my live count. I promised that I would contribute my being to enabling a paradigm shift in thinking. I promised a life of dedication and service to both myself and others. If I inspire others to achieve, I do. That's my motto. Direct, empathic and forthright.

Those are my reasons. That's why the How is relatively easy. That's why motivation is there on the not so easy days. On the days it hurts. The days others might call in an excuse. The days it is easier to quit than to persist. Those are the days success is built on. Because you want it more than anything else in life.

More about my sponsors and my 4th Marathon next Sunday in the Connemara Mountains in Friday's blog!!!

Please do visit https://www.facebook.com/ringorosesflorist?fref=ts for an amazing offer to win flowers!! Ring O'Roses are the Florist in Limerick who are proud sponsors of the Challenge!

You can donate also donate €12 (€1/Marathon) or whatever you can give on http://www.mycharity.ie/event/patrick_mercies_12marathonsin12monthsin2015

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